C'è sempre un altro bug...

Make a program that even a fool can use, and only a fool will want to use it. (Principio in Shaw)

Convert TV

We are marketing some of the digital decoder that have the ability to record our favorite programs with ease and effectively in a DVR format ...

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video Decoder Skipper On Di TimVision

You have Amazon Prime videos and want to watch on your TV box Android Timvision? Surely you've tried to install it but you have not found in the Google Play store, So what to do? It's compatible? You can install it or not? The answer is yes! How to do so?

FAST, development programs that

A selection of the programs development in your free time


How to change or reset the Files icon in the Pantheon Elementary OS 5 Juno

If you want to change the default icon Pantheon File manager Elementary OS 5 […]

You graduate in computer science and discover that the work that you expect there…

For years we have talked of professional achievement nellâ € ™ dellâ € ™ field computer and Italy […]

How to configure the list of mirrors Manjaro server on Linux

If you are installing Manjaro Linux and you do not find any package available […]

Virtualbox o VMWare Workstation?

The question arises when you need to use the […]