How to change or reset the Files icon in the Pantheon Elementary OS 5 Juno

If you want to change the default icon of the Pantheon in File manager Elementary OS 5 Juno, or simply because it lacks after some renovation, the practice to follow is simple.

The default settings and the icon of the applications installed on Eos 5, that are used for applications, They are located in the /usr/share/applications. So to restore or change the Pantheon Files icon (file manager) Just open the file io.elementary.files.desktop , go to the section Icon and change the value of the line according to your system language. So if you're using the Italian language, just modify the line Icon[it] with the default system-file-manager (Icon[it]=system-file-manager). If you want to use a custom icon, enter value as the complete path to use del'icona, practices that still does not recommend it as EOS wants to maintain its originality.