Hello, My name is Rino Russo, I deal with software development in different languages ​​and operating systems, in my blog you can find a list of all the software I've written up to date so all stuff homemade and no commercial software.

You can start visiting my blog from the hosting plans that I wrote, maybe you'll find someone who considers interesting you can download it easily and use it for free. AND, I remind you that all written programs are free many of which are also open source.

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Here you will find the pc programs already issued or still in development that you can freely download
But here are specially developed applications for the web too freely downloadable
Applications for windows and linux web applications

Besides my programs I offer you technical articles I write from time to time, They are the first thing you find in the home, but if you want some particular article uses research to find it. Maybe if you do not find it let me know what you are interested, if I publish an article on what you are looking for of course we always talk about computer.

Plus you can use for free all the online tools I've developed and that are below, each with a specific function that you list below:


Information on a web domain
your connection speed tests
create qrcode
Tested the online server security
on their IP information
Photographing a website

I hope I was fairly thoroughly about what you can find on my blog, I wish you a good navigation and hope to see you soon.