My name is Rino Russo, from 1984 I am a developer of multi-platform software (mainly Linux, Windows, Web excluding OSX by choice!) for work and passion, in arte FAST, I am largely of utilities, Web sites, management of various kinds and network security. In these decades I have had the honor and the way to expand my technical knowledge in many fields including

  • …the list goes on over the years until they get tired of studying…


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I started to develop around the 1984 with the legendary Clipper Summer 87 when there were no operating systems with graphical interface (Windows even existed!), trying to perfect the most of my development method. I always used to develop systems and proprietary languages ​​until I came across by chance, in free software.

Free software has become my traveling companion from 2000 circa, When it is recovering from a few years use of the MS Office package, I decided to look for alternatives “less expensive”. Immediately jumped to my attention OpenOffice who was born recently and with great surprise proved to be a good chance that a good alternative given that mostly I need a word processor and a spreadsheet.
logo_rinorusso_grigio_mSince that moment, I've never abandoned OpenOffice unless they left the pitch in LibreOffice in 2011, my logo was added a figure that identifies a bird as a symbol of the freedom of the software in this case and 2000 free software have been my faithful companions in the personal sphere and work together. gradually from 2011 abandonment Delphi, as a proprietary language, and step to its free software titled Lazarus / FreePascal that does not make me feel anything for the lack of his predecessor to date. For ten years is a supporter of free software, underlining its importance within the company as head of the regional information system. I brought forward the idea of ​​free software by replacing mainly installations of Office with OpenOffice first and then LibreOffice. For now I think I satisfied with the degree of diffusion of LibreOffice, of all free software that I supported and sustained in even years within the company I work for relying on more than a hundred installations carried out and many pretty pennies made save.

From 2011, after several years of observation of Linux systems, I made the leap by replacing net Windows with Linux (Ubuntu) promoting him to the main operating system for both my leisure or professional use. My choice was Ubuntu Linux and the reason is the extreme simplicity of use and installation just because of the few if not the only Linux-based distro that wants to get closer to the user simple and does not remain attached to users professional developers. As for me Ubuntu and have enabled the leap from windows to linux users, the rest of the discussion is boring.

The free software road is hard but not discourage me, These years I have tried to reason with the people on the importance of free software trying to make people understand that free software does not mean “nullity” in the presence of proprietary software. Sometimes I succeeded in my purpose and sometimes not at all, but are those people who listen that they allowed me to keep believing.

Free software is an important resource, to defend, to sustain, to be shared and for which to be proud to be part of.

I dedicate this site and my work to my family and my father a great man who is no more.

That said, not to bore you with my presentation, let's see how I can help in navigating my blog and help you discover the potential that offers for you.

Mainly the blog is organized as you I point below:


Here you will find the pc programs already issued or still in development that you can freely download
But here are specially developed applications for the web too freely downloadable
Applications for windows and linux web applications

Besides my programs I offer you technical articles I write from time to time, They are the first thing you find in the home, but if you want some particular article uses research to find it. Maybe if you do not find it let me know what you are interested, if I publish an article on what you are looking for of course we always talk about computer.

Plus you can use for free all the online tools I've developed and that are below, each with a specific function that you list below:


Information on a web domain
your connection speed tests
create qrcode
Tested the online server security
on their IP information
Photographing a website

I hope I was fairly thoroughly about what you can find on my blog, I wish you a good navigation and hope to see you soon.


Thank you for reading my presentation. See you soon.